Start: February 1, 2005
Ukraine has got sufficient potential for development of one of the most high-tech and rapidly developing sphere of global economy. Nowadays this is demonstrated by many countries, namely India, China, Russia. Ukraine is remarkable for the steady growth of outsourcing sphere. According to the «IT offshore Ukraine ’2003» research, conducted by «Market Visio», costs of software development services export in Ukraine in 2003 and 2004 were $70 and $100 mln. Respectively, in 2005 $140 mln. is anticipated.
Positive changes in social and economic life of Ukraine opened up new investment opportunities for the world outsourcing leaders. Those are additional incentives for boosting partnership with Ukraine.
Forum’s goals and objectives
  • Presentation of Ukrainian market of offshore outsourcing services.
  • Discussion of the issues in development of Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry.
  • Attraction of potential partners and customers to Ukraine.
  • Presentation of advantages of Ukrainian offshore outsourcing business to the foreign companies.
  • Discussion of the role and tasks of the state in formation of Ukrainian outsourcing market.
  • Organization of B2B meetings between Ukrainian and foreign companies.
Forum subjects
Global marketing of Outsourcing services
  • Methods and strategies of promoting outsourcing on the international markets.
  • Branding in outsourcing, role of brand names in sales.
  • Competition on the global outsourcing market. Major players. Closest perspectives.
  • Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative – new opportunities of offshore software development for Ukrainian companies.
  • PR-strategies of promoting Ukrainian products and services on the international markets. 
  • Who is our customer: Consulting companies? Software development companies? Business-companies?
  • Shifting the focus from technology to marketing. Tendencies in  growth of Ukrainian software development companies.
  • Europe of the USA? European and American market specifics. Anticipations of European outsourcing services market development.
Outsourcing technology and infrastructure
  • CMM, CMMI, and ISO certification issues. Certification effect on the services quality and company efficiency.
  • Role of QA in software development.
  • Outsourcing project management: practice, technologies, and standards. Distributed project management specifics.
  • Software industry staffing. Higher education abilities and business requirements. Trainings, courses as the means of quick professional education of the personnel.
  • Independent software testing – new type of outsourcing services. Specifics of projects implementation with QA.
Development of outsourcing business in Ukraine
  • Investment climate in Ukraine.
  • Starting outsourcing business in Ukraine. Legal aspects of business in Ukraine.
  • State support of IT services export.
  • Copyright in Ukraine. International practice and accordance of Ukrainian legislation to it.
  • Advantages of Ukrainian software development companies. Strong scientific schools, qualified personnel, considerable reserve of human resources (trained IT specialists).
  • Product model of software development business. Theory and case studies. Success stories.
  • Inshore outsourcing. Practice of internal outsourcing development in Ukraine. First steps. Successes and failures. Development perspectives.
  • Investment appeal of Ukrainian IT business. Foreign investors about investing in Ukrainian IT.
  • Ukraine and Business Process Outsourcing. Does Ukraine have a chance to consolidate its positions on BPO market?
Forum Program
During the Forum the following round table discussion will take place: «Position of Ukraine on the global outsourcing market, with or without Russia? Prerequisites and opportunities».
Forum work will be divided by the following theme sections:
  • Outsourcing services marketing.
  • Outsourcing technology and infrastructure.
  • Development of outsourcing business in Ukraine.
Forum will feature an exposition of leading Ukrainian software development companies working in offshore outsourcing and professional associations and business alliances of IT market.

Within the forum there will be held and event on organizing B2B business meetings between Ukrainian and foreign forum participants – «Ukrainian IT Matchmaking Event» – You are welcome to view Forum participants’ profiles and arrange meetings with Ukrainian Forum participants through the forum website.

Forum Participants
Among the Forum participants are Ukrainian Outsourcing IT companies, representatives of foreign Software and Consulting companies as well as profile government divisions representatives – Transport and Communication Ministry, State Department of Communication and Informatisation of Ukraine.
Additional information about the Forum program and participation conditions you can get:
Please apply for the Forum participation by filling out on-line application form