Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative participates in marketing research “Ukrainian IT Services and Products Export Market Research’2003”

About Research

IT outsourcing services providers are invited to participate in the first international research of Ukrainian IT industry.

Based on the outcome of the research in Ukraine a specialized informational and analytical report will be published, mentioning all participants, experts and sponsors.
First results of this research will be represented during November Road-Show of Ukrainian technology companies over the United States, namely at the Ukrainian-American IT Cooperation Forum in Washington on November 7th , 2003.
Currently the expert commission of the research is represented by the staff of the following companies and alliances: Market-Visio, Ukarainian Hi-Tech Initiative,  AVentures, eSP Consortium, Miratech, SoftLine, Softjourn, Tessart, Ukrainian Association of Software Developers, Ukrainian Software Consortium.
We are happy to invite interested Ukrinian IT companies to participate in Ukraninian IT Services and Products Export Market Research in any of the following categories: Expert, Sponsor or Participant. 

More details about the Research you can get from the Research Presentation and Technical Specification.

Possibilities for the participation in the Research:


Participation conditionsAdvantages
ParticipantFills out the questionnaire increasing precision of the Research results (participation in the research for the participants is free of charge)  Name, web site URL and location of the company will be published in the list of the companies taking part in the Research. As this research will be disseminated globally, this action will guarantee perfect advertisement for your company.
Expert (Participant’s conditions +):
+ influencing the structure and content of the analytical report;
+ involving new companies to the poll;
+ participation in the process of questioning other companies;
+ recommending and supporting PR actions connected with the Research
(Participant’s advantages +):
+ additional advertisement through mentioning in the “Special thanks” section of the Research;
+ (for Business Alliances)
publishing information with the Alliance Profile in the Sponsors and Business Unions section of the Research
СпонсорParticipant’s conditions(Participant’s advantages +):
publishing information about the company with the profile (contacts, web site URL, areas of expertise, projects, products, etc); 1 success story (description of the successfully finished project that best characterizes your company approach to offshore software development)

List of the interviewed companies

CompanyRegionInterviewer company/ organizationInterviewer company represen- tative
ABF SoftwareKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
AIDOSS Inc. (Advanced Int. Development of Software Solutions)KievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
ALTA Eastern EuropeKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
ARIANA SYSTEMSKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
CIPHERKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
DIZETZaporizhzhyaAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
Everlasting TechnologiesKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
Raytown Corporation (Bezpeka in Ukraine)ZaporizhzhyaAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
TechnocomKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
Unasoft (The Ukrainian National Antivirus)KievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
Виа 4С НИПKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
ТОВ “Санбей Софтвер Київ ЛТД” (Sunbay)KievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
UKTECH / The Ukrainian chamber of a science that of technologiesKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
Center of Information Safety, LtdKievAdonis UkraineEgor Anchishkin
BMS Consulting Ltd.KievAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
Infopulse Ukraine Ltd.KievAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
Miratech InternationalKievAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
MitriDATKievAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
Softjourn Inc.KievAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
TeT Co. Ltd.OdessaAVenturesAndrej Koval’chuk
Abyss Light StudioKievAVenturesИван Видякин
Frogwares Creative Game-Development LabKievAVenturesИван Видякин
NIKITOVA LLCKievAVenturesИван Видякин
WizArtKievAVenturesИван Видякин
Alpha Design companyKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
COMMUNITY8KievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
ELRODnepropetrovskAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Emphasis GroupKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Fine Soft StudioLvivAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Future Design web-design studioKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
ICC Internet Consulting & Communica- tions Ltd.KievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Information Software System (ISS)/MotorolaKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
JavaRealm Software Development TeamKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
KDS Software GroupKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Reactivate Web-design studioKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Silverpoint – Internet agencyKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
SoftlineKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Trident Software Ltd.KievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
UkrSoft KievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
VIADUK TelecomKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Viva SolutionsKievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
Volia Software (Softline Company)KievAVenturesRoman Zinchenko
CINTECH - Ukraine (Centers for Intelligent Technologies)KievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
Consistent SoftwareKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
ECOMMKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
IDMKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
ILS-UkraineKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
Intellectual systems GEOKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
SitekKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
SoftElegance KievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
SvitProfKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
TESSART corporationKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water ProjectsKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
ULRMCKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
VISICOMKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
Institute of space researchesKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
Institute of problems of mathematical machines NANUKievAVenturesYaroslav Parhisenko
CS Ltd.KharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP ConsortiumKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP_Eclipse-SPKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP_InsartKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP_KIT-GroupKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP_MBS (Mega Business Software Ltd.)KharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
eSP_SoftPro WorkgroupKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
Kharkov onlineKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
MAXBILL LTDKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
ЭнТехЭкоKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
ХартронKharkoveSP ConsortiumSergej Salenko
VIMAS TechnologiesKievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
NIX solutionsKharkovUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
Finport Technologies Inc.KievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
GrossBee Ltd. RPFDnepropetrovskUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
KP VTIKievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
NovatekKievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
PDS Ltd.KievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
ZstyleGroupDnepropetrovskUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
Technology and medicineKharkovUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
LOGISKievUkrainian Hi-Tech InitiativeVictor Maznyuk
X-tendKievMiratechElena Murga
ProfixKievMiratechElena Murga
CMS VinnitsaMiratechElena Murga
DevCom Ltd.LvivMiratechElena Murga
InterobjectLvivMiratechElena Murga
PhaseFiveKharkovMiratechElena Murga
SofterraKharkovMiratechElena Murga
ValidioKharkovMiratechElena Murga
InnivunVinnitsaMiratechElena Murga
CiklumKievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Automatic Systems & Technologies Ltd.KievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Beskyd Ltd.Ivano-FrankivskSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Borlas-UkraineKievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
DDLabs, Inc.KievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Kenred OnlineKievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Outsourcing UkraineCrimeaSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
PGUP Software UkraineKievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
Radiocom Ltd.KhersonSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
SiberlinkCherkasySoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
B2BitsKievSoftlineIgor’ Ryabec
1001Software groupOdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ABT SolutionsKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ActioitZaporizhzhyaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
AlarITZaporizhzhyaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
AlProSoftKharkovUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Anteida Inc.TernopilUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Azurite SoftwareOdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
CodeWind SoftwareKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Computer SystemsOdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
DelsoftKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
DiofantKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Disk CompanyLvivUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ECSAT-KievKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ELEKS Software LLCLvivUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
e-LineDnepropetrovskUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Eurosoft OdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ForeSoft PG (Business Service)KievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
HelikonKharkovUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
HighEdge Ltd.DnepropetrovskUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Information Systems DevelopmentDnepropetrovskUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Infoservice scientific and experimental centerKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Kvazar-Micro CorporationKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Legion InternetOdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
LikomKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Maxiline Co. Inc.ChernivtsiUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Microcosmic Group KievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
MIRASOFT Ltd. (MIRATECH Software Group)KievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Offshore CreationsCrimeaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
PC Club SolutionsKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Program-AceKharkovUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
SEMAkOKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
SoftFundKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
SoftServe Inc.LvivUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
SourceValleyKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Special Soft Technologies – DevelopersZaporizhzhyaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Tavex UkraineKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Technopolis Software Engineering GroupKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
TechWireDnepropetrovsk, UKUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
TelesensKSCL UkraineKharkovUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
ULA GmbHLvivUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
UtahOdessaUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
VitGroup Software Ltd.LvivUASWDIrina Todosijchuk
Sputnik Media.netKievUASWDIrina Todosijchuk