New EngagePoint™ HSA Version 6.0 Released to Improve Reporting, Usability, Notifications and Reconciliation

EngagePoint, a software and services provider focused on accelerating the government’s transition to a modern IT enterprise, announced the release of EngagePoint HSA platform version 6.0 (formerly known as BenefitSpan™).

EngagePoint HSA enables commercial insurance payers, employers and third-party administrators in implementing and managing health savings accounts (HSAs).

“HSA is more than a financial product. It’s a policy product,”

said Ed Odjaghian, senior vice president of product development at EngagePoint.

“We’ve designed EngagePoint HSA platform to allow clients to implement policy that uses HSA as a consumer engagement and empowerment tool for achieving lower costs and better outcomes. Studies have shown that health savings account can engage consumers and drive behavior, which decreases cost and optimizes utilization, with no tangible negative effect on outcomes.”

The latest release of EngagePoint HSA includes numerous usability improvements designed to increase collaboration between plan and policy administrators and members. EngagePoint added a new viewing feature that allows administrators to see real-time information when assisting members with their accounts. Members gain access to self-service tools that help them make better decisions for their health and wellness.

Version 6.0 also features enhanced notification capabilities that help administrators increase engagement with members. Members have real-time access to documents and information about events so that they have a clearer understanding of their healthcare options and related costs.

Finally, version 6.0 offers improved reporting and reconciliation capabilities.

“As policies become more complex and the number of stakeholders increase, reconciliation is becoming a complex and urgent issue, especially in the public sector, where there are multiple federal and state agencies involved,”

said Odjaghian.

Version 6.0 allows for multi-party reconciliation to help administrators manage eligibility, financial, enrollment and financial transactions from multiple sources.

Source: EngagePoint