Mirasoft Group participates in the European Union Project aligned to improve State policy in the sphere of SME support development

The small and medium-sized enterprise sector (SME) represents, in almost all countries around the world and provides with primary source of new jobs, economic growth and potential for innovations and competitiveness.

World leading economies such as EU and US regard SME’s as the main motor of economic growth and innovation. The presence of SMEs in almost every industry and economic sector, their energy and dynamism, the capacity for innovation of their owners and executives, and their leading role as job creators have long been recognized. The Government of Ukraine has declared itself to be part of this international consensus but the sector has yet to benefit substantially from regulatory or legislative reforms, an improved commercial environment and direct support measures.

The European Commission has been particularly active in promoting The European Charter for small Enterprises to which Ukraine has just become a signatory.

Since 1996 the European Commission has been actively involved in supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine. The Country Strategy Paper 2007-2013 (prepared in the context of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Programme) emphasizes the importance of improving the investment climate as one of six internal policy priorities – and trade promotion as one of the five external policies for the Government of Ukraine with EU assistance.

Considering recent statements of the Government of Ukraine that support of small and medium-size enterprises required additional assistance, a new EU project: “Support to the development of Business Capacity of Ukrainian  SMEs – International Dimension” was initiated together with the State Committee of Ukraine for regulatory policy and Entrepreneurship. The project is being implemented by a WYG international led Consortium.

The main goal of the project is to increase SME sector competitiveness. The project activities will lead to enhanced capabilities among Ukrainian SMEs to develop their export and investment promotion skills.

Mirasoft Group was selected for the project along with other small and medium-sized enterprises from three economical sectors: information technology, woodworking/furniture and machinery/equipment. All participants will be eligible to receive consultancy support and training programs oriented:

  • to establish commercial links with EU companies and promote long-term business partnerships;
  • to develop new strategic plans;
  • to create and implement new international marketing plans.

Mirasoft Group is one of the most experienced Ukrainian companies participating in the project and has actively collaborates with the experts and trainers of the project team to ensure favorable communication process and to facilitate implementation of the project’s overall objective to increase SME sector competitiveness.

As one of the leading professional IT companies in Ukraine mostly oriented on foreign markets, Mirasoft Group confirms its undertaken commitment to encourage development of business internationalization in the public and SME sector.


General Project Partner:
The State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship

Project Stakeholders:

  • The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its regional chambers in the priority regions
  • Economic Departments of Regional State Administrations in the priority regions
  • The Ukrainian Centre for Foreign Investment Promotion “InvestUkraine”
  • European Business Association

Based on publications by http://www.sme-int.com.ua .