Mirasoft Group Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary

September is always associated with a definite life cycle stage: seasons change, the vocation period is coming to an end and everybody takes up job with fresh strengths. For Mirasoft Group September also means a lifecycle milestone – in the end of this month the company celebrates its birthday. And birthday is always the time to review what was done during the last year and to view new challenges for the forthcoming one.
The Achievements of the Year
Mirasoft Group’s seventeenth year past under the badge of development and achievements and started with opening the representative in Vinnitsa, city in Ukraine. Now a new office numbers already eleven professionals, and it is planned to be considerably increased in the nearest future.
During the year the company successfully launched and completed many projects, acquired new customers, strengthened the cooperation with the partners. Keeping on to broaden the scope of tools and knowledge for products development and services rendering, Mirasoft Group maintains the partnership with international IT corporations. As a result this year the company became a member of the Sun Partner Advantage Program and proved its status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, along with acquiring new MS qualifications.
This year Mirasoft Group entered Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative Association, with which it has been cooperating for a long time. Notably, that the new eighteenth year will start for the company with its participation in Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006, organized by the Initiative.
Being certified and recognized by various membership programs as a software developer and an IT services provider, Mirasoft Group also confirmed its status of a professional outsourcer by becoming a Certified Member of the Offshore Outsourcing Best Practice (OOBP) Association. The company attained this status by right – it is one of the oldest IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe.
Gaining more and more recognition at the IT outsourcing market, Mirasoft changed its image in Internet and appeared with a new corporate web-site, which bears absolutely fresh looks and is informatively comprehensive. Having a profound experience in software testing services, the company created and launched one more web-site – testing lab resource, which provides integral picture of the company’s testing capabilities scale.
Much was done for internal corporate culture development as well. Mirasoft substantially improved the social package for its personnel, extended the system of study, trainings and professional certifications.
To date Mirasoft Group is a stable and constantly developing corporation, which for a long time retains its position as a highly professional outsourcer with a solid experience in software developing and IT services providing. The company’s background numbers more than a hundred successfully executed projects, and geography of cooperation is scattered over Europe and America.
Mirasoft Group looks in future optimistically. The company is able to meet new challenges with dignity, while it has the team of energetic creative and talented people, who make IT happen.