Materials Outsourcing Forum ’2005

Kharkov – leading regional software development center in Ukraine. Evgeniy Kovalik, Sales & Marketing Director, QArea
Advantages of Outsourcing in Ukraine. Mark Phillips, VP of Software Delivery/ VP of Engineering Process & Tools, Lohika
Scientific and production potential of Dnepropetrovsk – reliable background for IT outsourcing development. Stas Ivanov, Director, Infinity Internet Institute
Large IT projects in Ukraine. Experience of geographically distributed projects management. Aleksey Sigov, CEO, Infopulse Ukraine
Outsourcing in the game industry: Ukraine is willing and competent, Sergiy Grygorovich, CEO, GSC Game World
Internal software testing as opposed to outsourced testing, Dmitryi Vilchinsky, Project Manager, Bonus Technology
Independent software testing – new type of outsourcing services., Dmitryi Oparin, Business Development Director, Sunbay Software Crimea Ltd
AceRemoteProject tool. Control offshore projects remotely, Dmitry Efimenko, Development Director, Program-Ace LLC
“Outsourcing and offshoring in Austria and Germany (relating to the CEE), Mr. Gerhard K. WAGNER, Secretary General Austrian Federation for the Information Industry Austria
“Your place in the Outsourcing Craze!”  – Emmy B. Gengler, CEO, Softjourn, Inc., USA
CeBIT (Hannover, Germany) – a leading international IT Exhibition.
A separate stand for IT Outsourcing Services and IT Outsourcing Forum at the CeBIT is the best promotion opportunity for outsourcing services.
Aleksnder Vanidovsky, Messe AG representative in Ukraine.
Presentation of “Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Research 2005-2006″ start.
Legal mechanisms of successful IT product implementation for a foreign customer. Mariana Marchuk, lawyer, “Baker & McKenzie”
Offshore software development industry consolidation: myth or reality. Roman Dzvinka, Head of International business development department, КМ Soft, “Кvazar-Micro” Corporation The way to succeed in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Larry Sheremetyev,
Experience of e-commerce financial applications certification. PCI Data Security Standard. Dmitryi Sharkov, TechnoPark Corp.
Target your future outsourcing client the most effective way, Stig-Arne Kristoffersen, CEO, Anergy Ltd
“Challenges and expectations from Western European Partners”. Helge Ranvik, President, Scandinavian HOUSE
Ukrainian IT professionals labor market trends, Andrey Galich, Project manager,
Motivation and retention of IT professionals. Konstantin Golovin, Senior consultant. Addforce/Ancor.
Interactive 3D Solutions for various industries, Christina Baryshnikova, Marketing Manager, Program-Ace LLC
5-years experience in e-commerce solutions development based on open-source software.Dmitry Voychenko, CEO, SOFT-INDUSTRY