Management Tour.Visit the best IT companies in the world! 15 – 22 of April 2007, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Start: February 5, 2007

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Silicon Valley

This is a unique place, and the most famous IT Park in the world. Here you can find some of the most renowned hi-tech companies. It is the home of the prestigious Stanford University, the birthplace of many successful companies such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Sun Microsystems, and Yahoo! Inc.

  • Silicon Valley is the home of more than 140 famous electronics, software, biotechnologies and other hi-tech companies encompassing approximately 20 cities.
  • The activities of Silicon Valley companies gave birth to three major global technologies: innovations in the sphere of semiconductors in 70s, new computer technologies in 80s and the Internet in 90s.
  • In fact, Silicon Valley is the leader of the entrepreneur business, investing several billion dollars annually in new technologies.
  • The Wall Street Journal concluded that 10 of the 20 most innovative cities in United States are situated in Silicon Valley.
  • Ten top research institutes are situated here as well, among them the renowned Stanford Research Park.
  •  In the Silicon Valley city of San Jose, more than 3867 patents were issued in one year alone.
  • The total value of all companies in the Silicon Valley is in the trillions of dollars. 


Companies in the Silicon Valley know better than anyone how to be prepared for the challenges that the IT future will bring – they are creating it! Innovation, break-through ideas and technologies, attracting specialists and motivating them: you will have the opportunity to learn about all three while being on tour.

  • You will get acquainted with technological innovations that won’t be accessible to your competitors for several years.
  • You will get an enormous energy and creativity boost that will help you to develop your business and understand what ideas can work in practice.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest achievements of the pioneers of the Silicon Valley. 
  • You will study the most innovative management approaches in the fields of technology, company administration and development and motivation of personnel.
  • You will get acquainted with the unique society of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, where billionaires are created every day.
  • You will have the opportunity to create long-lasting business relationships with company representatives that can eventually become valuable personal contacts.
  • You will understand what technologies will be most beneficial, and what can become destructive if used improperly. Plus you will learn more about security; a key factor in the development of new technologies.

*Attention. There is a possibility of slight changes in the program of the management tour. We guarantee that you will meet 90% of companies listed here. For the latest information about the tour, visit our official website: