Lviv GameDev Conference 2020

Start: January 25, 2020
Venue: Arena Lviv Address: Stryiska street 199, Lviv, United States

 January 25, Arena Lviv, the largest event for game developers in Western Ukraine – Lviv Game Dev Conference 2020!

More than 500 participants, about 40 speakers, 5 halls and more than 30 games will take part in the event!

And you must be part of it!

Lviv Game Dev Conference 2020 is information on the latest trends in the gaming industry in the format of live communication, and, moreover, interesting acquaintances for beginners and professional developers. The subject of the reports will cover all stages of creating games – from the emergence of ideas to enter global markets.

Questions to be discussed at the conference:

- success stories, helpful hints and tips from developers;
- Learn how to create your own studio;
- Which game mechanics and marketing strategies to use;
- how to design good graphics and high-quality sound to the game;
- how to create AR / VR application games;
- how to make the game a cyber-sport discipline.


- GameDev Business (Marketing, Production, Esport)
- GameDev Tech (development, VR / AR, new technologies)
- GameDev Indie
- Game design (Art, audio, visual)
- Flow Workshops

And also there are events waiting for you:

  • GameDev Exhibition
  • GameDev Awards