Lead Generation Program

Ukrainian companies enjoying software products to partake in Lead Generation Program (LGP) project, which aims to promote Ukrainian software products to US market.

We’re suggesting a Lead Generation Program (LGP) for the most advanced Ukrainian software companies with proprietary products/services that might be
identified through our partnership with Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative:

- Lead definition:
* An American company willing to speak to your representative
* Is considering a specific project (related to the product offered by one of your companies)
* Has a time frame and budget or can make funds available

- Process:
* After discussing with you which Vertical Markets we need to approach, we would design for you a list based on our databases and panels. After the project
is concluded, you would own the data.
* A Ukrainian company representative would spend with us 1/2 to 1 day on product training either in person or via a conference call. We’ll provide our experts in
lead generation with previous IT experience.
* We’ll download the list and create a computer guide based on the product training.

- Reporting:
* Your company will receive a daily report with details of all the leads generated that day.

We normally suggest to get started with one of your well established products/applications for the period of two months and with a team of two LGP

If you are interested to partake in such a program, please forward description of products in the forms of a filled in table for preliminary consideration: product_presentation.ppt  at the address products@hi-tech.org.ua