Kyiv Blockchain Forum Aims to “Allow Everyone to Find Themselves in Crypto-reality”

On September 3, the Ukrainian capital will play host to the VIII Kyiv Blockchain Forum, an international event dedicated to Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market.

The event will feature a variety of topics – from the latest ICO trends, to crypto-trading, to blockchain implementation cases in businesses, to R&D and legal issues.
The forum aims to offer high-quality content and gather a friendly community around the ideals of cryptographic freedom. A VR zone is intended for attendees to feel the spirit of the new reality, while a demonstration of Paytomat technology will allow them to try the cryptocurrency economic model in action.

Aeneas, a social blockchain project, will offer users the opportunity to raise funds and implement their own socially-oriented political projects, including lobbying community interests.

A demo area of 700 sq.m. will allow industry representatives to showcase their achievements and developments of 2018 and exchange with visitors.

Source: Ukraine Digital News