Krendls LTD is a custom software development company, headquartered in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Started in 2006, today Krendls employs over  50 professionals and delivers its services to organizations all over the world. Krendls is ISO 9001–2000 certified and follows rigurous regulations that come with the certification. This means that Krendls is a company with high quality standards which allow us to always gain complete customer’s satisfaction. Our main business domain is software development for large and extensive projects, aiming to provide highly functional and quick IT solutions for businesses throughout a full product life-cycle. We use the most popular object-oriented platforms and technologies: ASP.NET, PHP, and JAVA.

Our experience in executing sophisticated projects covered numerous fields, mostly: content management systems (CMS), corporate automation, customer relationship management (CRM), banking and finance, eBusiness, enterprise resource planing (ERP), business intelligence (BI), entertainment, and others. Krendls has a special scientific team appointed supported by a full professor of applied mathematics, a full professor of computer science, 2 scientific specialists, and a PhD holder in mathematical analysis. They are involved in planning and designing complicated and extensive projects at Krendls LTD. The core research activities are devoted to the methods of the images, video, and audio compression. For the moment, a series of image compressing program products have been developed for space and video industries. Another specific area of research is vector graphics, especially digital topography issues.

Remember, with Krendls you don’t just get software – you improve your business, accelerate your company growth, and make your life easier.