Java Eastern Europe Conference in the Heart of Ukraine

Start: April 26, 2019 End: April 27, 2019
Venue: Mercure Congress Hall Address: 6 Vadyma Hetmana St., Kyiv, Ukraine

Minimum the number of “dry” theoretical talks, and emphasis will be on practical experience and development of real projects.

Primary directions of the conference

  • Modern approaches in development of distributed, highly loaded, scalable, enterprise systems with Java
  • Innovations and new directions in application development using Java
  • Interesting architectural decisions based on Java technologies
  • Integration with other languages, tools and libraries to develop modern applications
  • Popular directions and trends in the world of Java development


  • Mikalai Alimenkou - Independent Consultant at XP Injection, Ukraine
  • Evgeny Borisov – Technical Lead at Naya Technologies, Israel
  • Stéphane Nicoll – Software Engineer at Pivotal, Belgium
  • Kenny Bastani – Independent Consultant, USA
  • And others.