– catalogue of IT outsourcing companies

( – catalogue of IT outsourcing service providers from Central and Eastern Europe. is the project of CEEOA (Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association – ( which is managed by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative. One of the main objectives of this catalogue is to promote the information about IT outsourcing service providers from the CEE region and to create an easy to search, permanent, annually updated regional catalogue of companies providing IT outsourcing services in CEE. The catalogue includes profiles of companies with general information about a company and information about company’s services, technologies, projects, etc. Visitors to the site can search companies in the list by different criteria, as well as by more than 250 technical and business categories in the advanced search field. It is also possible to search the information directly on websites of the registered companies. The catalogue includes companies providing IT outsourcing services from 17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. At the moment about 300 companies are registered in the catalogue. The standard company profile contains the general and very detailed information about the company, its services, technologies and other. There are also some additional options like company video profile and advanced company profile. The advanced company profile includes  the company logo and three additional pages which can be filled in and entitled at the option of a company. The visitors are able to save, embed, bookmark and share the different pages of the site: company profiles, search results, list of companies sorted by different catagories, and other. There is also possibility to add a company profile to social networks like Facebook, or to the company website using the member button which opens the company profile in the catalogue in a pop-up window. The inquiry cart allows selecting and sending messages directly to one or several selected companies simultaneously. All companies registered in the catalogue

can be included to the list of companies in the annual report ‘CEE IT Outsourcing Review’ conducted by CEEOA.

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