Intetics Attended Chatbot Summit: Conference, Workshops, Exhibition and Networking

Intetics participated in the fifth edition of Chatbot Summit that was held in beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel.

Chatbot Summit is one of the biggest and one of the most prominent chatbot conferences. Twice a year Yoav Barel, the CEO and Founder of the event, gathers thousands of professionals to discuss the presence of chatbot technologies, build a strong network of entrepreneurs and together draft the future of the chatbot technology.

The Chatbot Summit run only for two days. However, the event had multiple event threads simultaneously. The first day of the event mainly devoted to different workshops conducted by the speakers from Lloyds, Vodafone, Daimler, Microsoft, BBC, UBS and other well-known companies. The workshop format let the participants actively take part in the discussion and gain relevant experience from the industry leaders.

The second day divided into three threads: Main (chatbot basics and the best practices of their effectiveness), NLP (mainly talks speech recognition) and Conversational (chatbot digital communication and UI).

At the event, Intetics was represented by Anastasia Cherevichkina, Project Manager. She highlighted the best of the fifth Chatbot Summit:


The meetups, workshops and exhibitions organized in different spots helped to meet other chatbot enthusiasts. The event was a great chance to discuss, arrange B2B meetings, find business partners, and most importantly, to develop skills.


Tel Aviv is a part of Israel’s Silicon Wadi, which is claimed to be the second area with the highest concentration of high-technology companies after Californian Silicon Valley. That’s one of the reasons why Israel is called the Start-Up Nation.


Chatbot Summit is the right place for both chatbot newbies and experienced old birds. Every chatbot enthusiast had the opportunity to find something for them, discussed topics vary from ethics behind AI to conversation design and chatbots development. There was also a space for real-implementation examples and its results from different industries.

Intetics at Chatbot Summit

Intetics representative also pointed out the most inspirational and useful projects and speeches that were presented at the conference:

  • The platform developed by Californian professor and AI architect – Rulai, AI virtual customer assistance that reduces support costs and increases sales conversion rates.
  • AI startup Lemonade, that simplifies the insurance process by replacing brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning.
  • Robocopy Conversational Academy for those who want to design conversations that are helpful, natural and persuasive.
  • Speech by Jason Gilbert, Conversational Designer at imperson with film directing background. He put great emphasis on the chatbot identity.
  • Speakers from IBM shared the link for IBM Watson developers (with detailed guidance for Watson chatbot development and to the IBM competition).

“Chatbot Summit in Tel Aviv helped me keeping up with the latest industry trends on a global scale. This event brought together the world’s most influential brands, technology leaders, and fast-growing startups. So it was the perfect place to network, stay on top with the most innovative technologies and look to the future of the chatbots,” shared  Anastasia Cherevichkina.

After the fifth Chatbot Summit, we can undoubtedly say that chatbots are developing and the main peak hasn’t arrived yet. However, the changes are just around the corner. The chatbot industry is constantly growing and we can assume that chatbots will become an essential part of our life and even replace some daily routine services.

Source: Intetics