Intellias Joins Ukraine House in Davos

On January 24, 2018, Intellias, a global player with a prominent place in the Ukrainian IT landscape, will join the conversation about innovation in Data Science at the first-ever Ukraine House on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Ukraine House will run a week-long series of meetups titled Ukraine: Creativity, Innovation, Opportunity. Both co-founders of Intellias, Vitaly Sedler and Michael Puzrakov, are attending this vibrant technology hub to showcase Ukraine to global economic leaders in business, politics, and civil society.

Data Science in the focus of Ukraine House Davos

Intellias, along with other leading Ukrainian IT companies, will discuss Data Science as the most important trend in the world of technology. Ukrainian data scientists are well-known for implementing technically complex projects, making Ukrainian technology companies promising partners for global businesses that want to invest in big data, data science, and artificial intelligence with a reasonable assurance of mining gold from data.

As the main driver of technological transformation in a variety of fields that rely on data-driven decisions, Data Science is changing not only businesses but governments, city infrastructure, and people’s daily lives. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality are revolutionizing the healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, and finance and banking sectors. Businesses and governments have to adapt to changing technologies and need savvy professionals who can help them deal with all their incoming data.

Ukraine is emerging as the next data science hub. Spurred by a young globalized generation, the Ukrainian IT industry has been strengthened by technology partnerships with the world’s economic leaders in various segments. Intellias is delighted to contribute to Ukraine’s economic growth by developing the technology of the future.

Source: Intellias