Intellias receives recognition as Lviv’s best IT employer (2014)

Some 7000+ employees from 564 Ukrainian IT companies participated in the anonymous survey to assess their employers, with the credibility of participation being confirmed by LinkedIn profiles associated with corresponding DOU accounts.

The survey participants evaluated the companies they are currently working or previously worked for based on eight main criteria: professional growth, work environment, getting along with colleagues, management, communication between managers and employees, recognition of work performance as well as salaries and bonuses to define the top employees (arranged by headcount and geographical criteria).

Intellias received its first recognition from DOU in 2010, when the pioneering DOU survey was conducted, the second award followed in 2011.

Having occupied first and second position in Lviv’s IT employers rating during 2012-2013, the company has confirmed its leading position in 2014, becoming the ranking winner for the third time.

This outstanding result reflects Intellias favorable reputation on Lviv’s highly competitive labor market and signifies the effectiveness of company’s endeavors to satisfy the needs of its employees.

In order to receive such a good feedback from its team, Intellias has been continuously investing its efforts into the advancements in infrastructure, social benefits and broadening the spectrum of corporate leisure activities.

It is undoubtedly noteworthy that the company surpassed its large-scale competitors, obtaining higher points for a number of assessment criteria, including recognition of work performance, professional development and management.

Apparently these significant results could be attributed to Intellias smart&comfortable concept, which provides for a stimulating and motivating work environment, effective leadership as well as atailored Personal Development Plan for each employee.

Being a midsize company within 200-800 employees range, the company has an optimal size to apply an individual approach to each employee, while having a substantial business scope to win interesting non-trivial projects.

Intellias would like to express its gratitude to all its employees for their trust, being committed to achieve even more remarkable results in the years to come and to excel in creating most smart&comfortable software development company nation-wide.

The company is looking forward to confirming its status of a leading IT employer in the next ratings and continuously introducing new initiatives for even more motivating environment for its current and future employees.

About Intellias Ltd.

Intellias is an ISO 9001:2008 certified IT outsourcing company with a nearshore software development centres in Lviv (Ukraine) and Krakow (Poland) and a representative office in Switzerland. It has been successful for years in German-speaking Europe and recently in Benelux.

The whole range of Intellias software development services relies on project-based outsourcing, dedicated development center and cost+ service models. Some of the renowned companies that take advantage of Intellias services include RTL Group, Swissclick, SEP and LTV Gelbe Seiten.

KPMG highlighted Intellias as one of the leading IT-BPO providers in Lviv, also the company was nominated as Lviv’s best IT employer for 2010, 2011, 2014 (DOU).

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Source: Intellias