Innovecs becomes global partner in business technology solutions for Elementum

Elementum is a new player in the domain of SCM solutions backed by the knowledge and support of its investor, Flextronics.

As a global world-class electronics contract manufacturer, Flextronics brings its best practices, SCM technology knowhow, and global experience as the foundation of the world’s first supply chain pure SaaS platform. Products of Elementum enable any company that builds a product to manage its end-to-end supply chain, allowing faster and more efficient cycles of innovation.

While choosing Ukraine as an outsourcing destination, the most important facts of making such a decision were cultural aspects and our approach of solving problems.

“When you build a high-technology product you don’t need to have a high-scaled team, you just need to have a few smart guys, who can work well together, who can work well with American culture and are able to create a professional team of experts”,

says Glenn Jones, Head of Engineering at Elementum.

Innovecs was chosen amongst a number of other suppliers.

“After a thorough evaluation of many IT outsourcing services providers, we decided that Innovecs is the right company, who will work closely with me and my team to build the professional team of engineers. When I say closely, I mean “eye to eye” without any offshore delivery center”,

comments Glenn.

In cooperation with Innovecs Elementum is going to launch totally new high-technology product. Both Innovecs and Elementum have great expectations for the partnership.

Commenting on the partnership, Alex Lutskiy, СЕО Innovecs, says:

“It will be the challenging project for our team of engineers and a great experience for our company’s domain expertise. We also believe that our experience as well as the overall company culture will allow Elementum to create an innovation product”

Source: Innovecs