Infopulse Ukraine – Software Development Leader in 2011 According to «League of the Best» Rating

The independent economic rating «League of the Best» recognized Infopulse Ukraine as the number one in the «Software Development» direction and awarded the company with the status «The Enterprise of the Year 2011».

The Rating evaluated the official open-source data from State Statistics of Ukraine of the 350 000 Ukrainian enterprises in different sectors of economy.

The companies were rated according to the seven criteria: pure income index, the enterprise main resources index, the services productivity index, general liquidity factor, profitability factor, the payroll fund indices, the social payments.

The general sum of the points for every criteria formed the rating in every economy sector.

Infopulse Ukraine competed among the 35 software developing companies of any form of ownership registered in Kyiv and won the first place.

Your economic achievements affirm the high professional level of your leader and the whole team proven by the Rating’s economic facts. 

From the Official letter from Viktor Konarovsky, the Head of the Rating Committee.

And the official «League of the Best» award ceremony is planned in June 2012 during the VII International Economic Business-Summit of the Economy Leaders of Ukraine and Russia.