Infopulse sponsors the bowling tournament in support of children with Down Syndrome

Among the participants of the Cup who came to help the children while playing bowling were the representatives of the sponsoring companies, celebrities of Ukrainian show-biz and Down Syndrome parent team. Teams’ fans, in their turn, were creating the warm atmosphere of the game.

According to the results of the game Infopulse won the 3rd place.

Throughout several years of collaboration with UDSO we have realized how important the Center’s development programs are for learning and adaptation in children’s environment. We will be happy to continue participating in events and charitable initiatives of UDSO.

Andrey Anissimov, CEO at Infopulse

All funds raised from the tournament will be spent on organizing development activities for children with Down syndrome, consulting on development and training for their parents, publishing methodological materials and text books.

Source: Infopulse