Infopulse Ranked #1 IT Employer in 2018

Infopulse is ranked as the #1 Best IT Employer of the year, according to a 2018 issue of ranking published by DOU, a leading IT community platform uniting software developers and IT experts in Ukraine. Infopulse makes it to the top for the first time in the history of the annual ranking, enjoying top-5 places for seven years in a row.

In the course of the voting process, more than 14,600 specialists rated almost 1,000 Ukrainian IT companies in 4 categories – from startups and small businesses with 81+ and 200+ specialists to large enterprises with 800+ and 1,500+ in-house experts. The poll covered a number of job- and project-specific aspects, including management professionalism, utilization of modern technologies in the project, professional growth opportunities, working conditions, job compensations, personal benefits, loyalty to their current company, etc.

With 1,900+ onboard experts, Infopulse was rated the #1 Best IT Employer of 2018 in the 1,500+ largest IT companies category.

Infopulse is the best employer

Alexey Sigov, Infopulse President:

Reputation of a reliable business partner helps Infopulse to succeed in keeping the title of a reliable partner for our specialists. The success of our company depends on a mutual effort of everyone, and we are grateful for the input of all of our professionals. We are proud of our people, who act openly, set ambitious goals and build rapport based on mutual trust. Your honesty and sincerity in both word and action pay off incrementally each year. It is through your support that Infopulse could make it to the top of the best IT Employers of Ukraine. Thank you!

As a reminder, at the beginning of this year, Infopulse was named among the Top 100 Best Global IT Outsourcing Providers by IAOP. Besides, recently, a world-leading B2B rating and reviews platform, recognized Infopulse among the Top B2B Service Providers and included Infopulse AI developers in Top 15 Market leaders providing AI technology services.

About the Rating

The annual online poll, organized by DOU, runs for a year and requires all voting participants to sign in via a valid LinkedIn account to be able to rate their current company. In order to qualify for the ranking, the companies had to cross a certain threshold of votes depending on the company’s size. A 10% of the total company specialists’ votes were set as a threshold requirement for the “1,500+” and “800+” categories, and at least 60 and 30 votes were required for a business to be included in the “200+” and “81+” rating categories respectively. The annual online poll was divided into 5 thematic blocks and included 13 questions. The voters could rate each of these questions with seven answers based on a Likert-type scale, with the answers ranging from “Fully agree” to “Completely disagree”. Since each block had a different number of questions and provided a different intermediary result, the final score was calculated as a direct average of these five thematic blocks.

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Source: Infopulse