Infopulse Ukraine for effective Belgian-Ukrainian cooperation at Business Breakfast Brussels-Europe

On 19th of March, 2012 Infopulse Ukraine took part in the seminar “Business Breakfast Brussels-Europe” organized by the Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Brussels Invest & Export.

As a part of the information sessions concerning European Union, the seminar gave a global overview of the existing EU relations. The Business Breakfast gathered together the representatives of Belgian and Ukrainian businesses, European Union authorities and other parties interested in establishing good relations between the two countries. The speakers at the seminar presented the near and medium term opportunities of the Ukrainian market.

Being a member of Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Infopulse Ukraine was honoured to represent Ukrainian IT business in Brussels. Having gained wide experience working with customers in Europe and Belgium in particular, Infopulse Ukraine is a good example of the effective Belgian-Ukrainian cooperation.

Participants of the seminar were provided with all details and specificities of conducting business in Ukraine, and most of them revealed great interest in Ukrainian market in general and potential opportunities in particular. It was nice to hear that, if talking about advantages and disadvantages, much more positive aspects of working in Ukraine were mentioned. Thus, European companies find setting business in Ukraine interesting, profitable and generally worthwhile

Yevgen Mikhnenko, Infopulse representative in Brussels

Among the main advantages of conducting business in Ukraine the European representatives admitted the general high level of education, European mentality, strive to provide high quality services and the technical expertise of Ukrainian specialists.

Considering the interest in Ukrainian market and the wide business opportunities it unfolds, the participants agreed on the necessity to develop the business cooperation between Ukraine, Belgium and European Union.

About Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

The Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, private, non-governmental and non-profit organisation, founded in Belgium on the 21st of July 2010.

Objectives of the BUCC: The development of the relations between Belgium and Ukraine in the field of industrial, commercial, agricultural and cultural exchanges. The assistance to all those, in Belgium, who are interested in Ukraine and vice-versa.

Source: Infopulse