Press release: Ukrainian Hi-tech Initiative – first year activity resume

   This year s April finishes the first year of operation of Ukrainian Hi-tech Initiative -  alliance of Ukrainian software development companies. There are 25 member companies in the alliance today. Objective of the association is development and consolidation of Ukrainian IT industry.

During the fist year of its activity Ukrainian Hi-tech Initiative has become the biggest association in Ukraine and currently having 25 members it s growing continuously. Initiative includes such recognized IT leaders as Kiev based ProFix and FinPort, Kharkiv MIIk and ACE, Dnipropetrivs k GrossBee and others. Right now Initiative has wide regional representation   it incorporates development companies from Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrivs k, Simferopol, Chernihiv.

By now the Initiative has implemented the following projects:
 - participation in Ukrainian IT industry research (products and services);
 - preparation and organization of Internet Conference
"Prospects of Ukraine in the international IT market" (jointly with International Financial Corporation (IFC);
 - participation in the following shows: CeBit 2003, CeBit 2004, OutsourceWorld ’2003 London, OutsourceWorld ’2003 New York City
 - organization of and participation in the work of European Business Association committee;
 - two successfully implemented outsourcing projects for foreign (American and German) companies.

Among the current projects of the Initiative it is worth to mention a program, in realization of which Initiative works together with US-Ukraine Digital Alliance  – Lead Generation – Lead Generation Program (LGP), aimed at promoting Ukrainian IT products in the USA market.

Among the issues that the Initiative also deals with, there is formation of investment into Ukraine. Due to the professional work on popularization of IT industry it became possible to attract to Ukraine the attention of such serious investors as International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Intel Capital investment fund. Initial results of the study of Ukrainian IT companies potential are assessed as very promising.