EngagePoint CEO Pradeep Goel speaks at 2nd Annual Health Insurance Exchange Congress

EngagePoint CEO Pradeep Goel shared insights on “Implementing a Sustainable Health Insurance Exchange” at the 2012 Health Insurance Exchange Congress in Chicago.

Goel joined Kevin Yang, Chief Information Officer for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, in a presentation detailing how the State of Maryland determined the IT infrastructure needed to build and support the exchange.

EngagePoint is serving as the systems integrator for the Maryland exchange implementation.

With the recent re-election of President Barack Obama, states must make quick decisions on whether they are going to tie into the federal exchange or implement a state-run health exchange. States that elect to implement their own exchange must submit plans to the federal government by December 14, 2012.

EngagePoint has been selected by several states, including Maryland, to set up some of the nation’s early health insurance exchanges. EngagePoint is uniquely positioned to help states with timely implementation, risk mitigation, and achieving architectural and business sustainability of their exchanges.

According to Goel,

“The challenges of implementing a state-based health insurance exchange include very tight timelines. There’s also a need for effective collaboration among state agencies, engagement and integration with external stakeholders and their systems, and integration with state legacy systems and federal systems – plus, usability and ultimately sustainability of the exchange business model.”

Goel continues,

“EngagePoint is privileged to be closely partnered with multiple states to build the exchanges and also to plan for operational and financial sustainability.”

Goel is a nationally recognized expert in healthcare IT, known for bringing innovative technology solutions to commercial payers, state healthcare agencies, and federal healthcare agencies. He is the visionary behind EngagePoint’s products and solutions, with a focus on service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure for State health insurance exchanges, integrating agency systems and data sources, and Medicaid modernization efforts.

About the Health Insurance Exchange Congress

The Health Insurance Exchange Congress brings together Health Plans, States and the Federal Government to address the opportunities and challenges presented by the implementation of health insurance exchanges. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge from states and plans that have first-hand experience creating and competing on exchanges, including qualified health plans, benefit design, IT considerations, and more.

About EngagePoint

EngagePoint is a payer-centric healthcare software and IT services company that serves Government agencies, commercial payers, and administrative payers. EngagePoint delivers sustainable solutions that incorporate service-oriented architecture (SOA), MITA adherence and reusable integration infrastructure.

The organization helps clients meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as implement member engagement, enrollment, eligibility and benefit administration platforms. EngagePoint was recently named on the 2012 Inc.

500 list as the second-fastest-growing privately held healthcare company in the U.S. Founded in 2007, EngagePoint is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. with offices in Maryland and North Dakota.

Source: EngagePoint