ELEKS’ Wearable Technology Experience Demonstrated at Wearables Europe 2015 Conference and Meetup in London, UK

Markiyan Matsekh, ELEKS’ Mobility & Wearables product manager, spoke at premier industry events in the UK, showcasing the wearable technology opportunities for brands, enterprises and consumers. Demonstrations were based on ELEKS’ Apple Watch and Android Wear apps to control Tesla electric vehicles

ELEKS’ key Mobility & Wearables expert Markiyan Matsekh spoke at two prominent wearable industry events in London on May 27th (Wearables Europe 2015) and 28th (Wearables London Meetup).

The first event brought together innovation, business development and R&D executives to discuss recent monumental shifts in technology interaction, as well as the rapid expansion of wearables into enterprise, industrial and medical use.

ELEKS’ presentation focused on smartwatch brand differences. Markiyan showcased ELEKs’ recent successful experiments with applications to control the Tesla Model S via Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Wearables Europe 2015 was followed by Wearables London Meetup, the UK’s principal forum to develop and debate wearable technology.

The presenters of the meetup focused on drivers behind wearable technology implementation for businesses. Matsekh discussed ELEKS’ enterprise wearable app development and how those apps boost productivity in day-to-day employee operations and personal scenarios.

About Wearables Europe 2015

Wearables Europe 2015 is a conference for wearable technology experts and executives, organized in London on May 27-28 by the IQPC, a worldwide company that specializes in conferences, executive seminars and learning programs. The event covered areas like the future of wearable technology and ways to​ ​drive consumer adoption.

About Wearables London Meetup

Wearables London is an industry-wide meetup for technical, commercial or creative specialists involved in wearable technology. Its goal is to provide a clear signpost for tracking the developments in the UK wearables space.


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