“CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE IT OUTSOURCING REVIEW” – the annual research on IT outsourcing market covering 16 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. The research is the project of CEEOA (Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association).

One of the main objectives of the research conducted by the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) with the support of Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) is to provide the holistic view on the potential of the CEE region as a global cluster for provision of nearshore IT outsourcing for the Western European countries and for offshore IT outsourcing for the North American market.

For the first time the research “CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE IT OUTSOURCING REVIEW” was conducted for the year 2007 and received a great number of positive feedbacks. The audience of the research reached more than 10,000 people during 2008 year. Considering a significant value of the research for the development of outsourcing industry in CEE region, the CEEOA took a decision to conduct this research annually.

The national IT and outsourcing associations, largest outsourcing companies, and independent experts were invited as respondents. The research examines key development indicators of the IT outsourcing market in the 16 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe region including market value, number of professionals, number of IT companies providing outsourcing services and market rates.

The research consists of the following key sections: introduction, expert views/estimations on market development, analytical review of the main indicators of IT outsourcing market, country profiles, profiles of experts and partners, section “Leading companies”, list of the respondents. In 2008 the section “Expert views/estimations” included the expert opinions about the influence of the global financial crisis on the global outsourcing market development, particularly on the development of outsourcing market in CEE region.

“CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE IT OUTSOURCING REVIEW” is one of the few free distribution researches that cover the situation on IT outsourcing market in CEE region. The free format of the research allows reaching the maximal distribution of the information among the potential outsourcing services consumers.

The research is intended for the top and middle management of SMB segment, as well as other specialists who are interested in outsourcing services.

Download “CEE IT Outsourcing Review 2008″ (9.68 MB)