CEE-SECR 2009. The conference program is approved.

Start: August 28, 2009

October 27-29, Moskow.

CEE-SECR is the key Eastern European Software Engineering event that last years attracted speakers from 15+ countries, and is regularly attended by over 500 participants from all over the world. The list of keynote speakers from previous conferences includes Michael Cusumano, Larry Constantine, Erich Gamma, Ivar Jacobson, Claudia Dent, Michael Fagan, Bill Hefley, Rick Kazman, Steve Masters, Mark Paulk, Michel Speranski, Stephen Mellor and Victor Ivannikov. The conference is traditionally supported by such industry leaders as Adobe, EMC2, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, ORACLE, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, VMWare, etc.

CEE-SECR 2009 will act as an international forum for in-depth and substantive discussion on the emerging technologies and methodologies being developed to overcome the challenges that exist in different areas of software engineering.

For the software companies, this conference is a great opportunity to present and observe the most recent innovations, trends, practices, and ideas in software engineering. For professionals, it is a perfect chance to get the latest technical information and insights from Eastern-European, Western-European, and US industry leaders and technical experts. For scientists and academia, this is a way to present their findings and software research and find out the current industry needs and standards.

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