BrigRetail Carries Out a Test Installation of SAP on the Vblock Platform

For the duration from May 17th till May 26th the BrigRetail company carried out the test installation of SAP System on the Vblock platform in the Boston laboratory VCE Executive Briefing Center (USA).

Vblock is a solution appeared as a result of the VCE (Virtual Computing Environment) alliance created by world leaders of information technologies market: Cisco, EMC, VMware.

Vblock is a flexible platform for building of data centers corresponding to any requirements of the customer. The solution is based on standard components and includes networking tools, computing power, virtualization tools, data storage resources, security facilities and management technologies.

All modules are pre-integrated that provides rapid deployment of infrastructure for virtualization tasks, easy operation by means of centralized management that enables customers to repay the investments in the shortest time.

Vblock infrastructure packages provide for a variety of storage volumes and performance levels of computing and network resources, they also support advanced security mechanisms and tools for ensuring high availability and business continuity. Testing and support of Vblock infrastructure packages are implemented by VCE, which allows us to offer the appropriate level of performance, the integrated support service of solution in total and to ensure compatibility of all components.

In the laboratory of VCE Executive Briefing Centre the experts of BrigRetail LLC carried out a test on compatibility of SAP software solution and Vblock architecture. The main target of testing was to identify the working ability of SAP system (using ORACLE Real Application Cluster) in a VMware virtual environment on the Vblock platform.

To do this, our employees have integrated the SAP system on Vblock, have conducted a series of activities on testing of the cluster performance in conditions of emulation of various types of failures. They have also conducted a testing of SAP system functionality in virtual environment using VMware mechanisms to reduce a planned downtime and a disaster recovery.

According to the company leading specialist Andriy Kolesnik the feature of this project was that the SAP system was installed on the Vblock platform for the first time, as well as the technology VMotion was first tested.

Our experts have identified 100% of complex compatibility of SAP and Vblock solutions, which will reduce capital and operating costs on IT infrastructure and will increase the adaptability of enterprises to the business requirements. SAP on Vblock platform will reduce the time of the platform installation to achieve the most efficient use of resources and to create business value from solutions much faster than using alternative software and hardware products.

As a result, the specialists of our Company have received invaluable hands-on experience and can now provide works on SAP software installation at Vblock platform.

Source: BrigRetail