Binary Studio At The Hackathon Meeting In Donetsk

Last weekend a group of our .NET developers took part in an awesome meeting organized by DOU – the Hackathon game!

After 24 hours of permanent code writing, Sergey, Kostya Denis and Dima were honored for the #3 product.

Hackathon is a developers’ contest which lasts whole day and night. Each team has to produce a working application or a hacking program. Participants are free to choose any language and platform they like.

Gathering a lot of enthusiastic developers in one place for the whole night turned out to be quite a good idea. Between Xbox tournaments, intense coffee consumption and guitar playing some really nice solutions were produced. The demo began at about 14:00 on Sunday.

The following projects were nominated:

  • 1st place – Obvious Prognosis App
  • 2nd place – Traffic Live
  • 3rd place – Achthung Polizei! by Binary Studio Team

Our developers were glad to participate. As Sergey says, “Coding all night is not rare for me, but this time it was a really bright new experience due to such a friendly and crowded atmosphere”. We are really grateful to our guys for their time, efforts and motivation. Binary Studio is looking forward to more amazing meetings to take part in!

Source: Binary Studio