Application Developer Days

Start: May 11, 2012 End: May 12, 2012
Address: Moscow, Russian Federation
Application Developer Days Conference is the unique event made by experts in software engineering which will unite on one platform the professionals, and also IT communities. The Conference includes all spectrum of the basic issues of software creation, concretises application of programming languages, considers successful architectural decisions and the recommendations, concerning the most demanded technologies, products of known vendors, and also Open Source decisions.

The Conference will be devoted the following key thematics:

1. Software architecture; 2. Code writing techniques; 3. Software development tools; 4. Programming technologies; 5. Trends. It is expected that the authoritative domestic and foreign companies (including Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Adobe, HP and a number of others), invited “IT Gurus”, thematic communities, advisers and consulting agencies experts in sphere of information technologies, products vendors, representatives of profile chairs of High Schools will participate in the Conference. The Conference organizers are SQALab (Moscow, Russia) under the aegis of IT-CONF.RU (a resource uniting high-quality conferences for IT experts) and BYTE-FORCE company (Yaroslavl, Russia). Besides generalisation of the saved up experience in sphere of software engineering and creation of a cooperation platform for realisation of the joint international projects, one of the major purposes Application Developer Days is definition of those aspects of activity which make an essence of a profession of the expert involved in software creation. Basic difference of Application Developer Days from other IT conferences is a practical orientation of reports and the interactive form of communication with speakers. Through comfortable, and, most importantly, “live” dialogue with the IT guru the primary goals of conference will be realised, namely: advanced experience and practice distribution in sphere of software engineering and an establishment of long-term and partner contacts between participants. Within the limits of Application Developer Days, except traditional plenary and section reports, round tables and a presentation flip-chart are planned. Application Developer Days will be interesting to representatives of offshore programming business, project managers, architects, analysts, developers, software quality assurance experts, maintenance experts, experts in the field of software safety, to chiefs of an average and the top echelon (project directors, chiefs of departments, directors of departments) and to all interested persons. Each participant has a possibility to make a report or presentation, to participate in one of round tables and -or seminars, focus group, to come into new partner contacts, to receive professional answers to pressing questions. Plus to all Application Developer Days is not only excellent method to present yourself before the wide public and to draw attention to your services, but also big open space for “live” dialogue in a circle of IT professionals. Register