A Second Forum for Odessa Java Professionals – JavaTechTalks

Start: June 29, 2012 End: June 30, 2012
Address: Odessa, Ukraine
The company Lohika Systems extends the format of open forums for communication and updating of knowledge in the world of Java. If you are an experienced and hungry for dzhavist Conferences in Odessa, dedicated to the complex technical issues in their field of specialization, you are here. A new event in Odessa Java community has a unique focus on the study of how the latest technologies, frameworks and tools, as well as for depth of knowledge, learning tricks in the long-used areas of Java. The forum – an alternative for a variety of presentations or review of events aimed at beginners, and a platform for the Odessa community experienced java-people. Following the first meeting left a lot of positive impressions. You may recall the pleasant moments – they are in the photo. The second meeting of Java Tech Talks will be given in an evening format mini-conference with 2 speakers and Saturday all-day-training from experts from Kiev to Spring. Register