The 11th Conference «Software Quality Assurance Days»

Start: April 21, 2012 End: April 22, 2012
Address: Kyiv, Ukraine
According to Gartner analytics agency, Ukraine is in the TOP-30 countries which software products are in high demand all around the world for last several years. And according to Datamonitor, 7 of 10 leading software companies in Central and Eastern Europe are either 100% Ukrainian or have Ukrainian branches. High software quality is traditionally based on the high qualification of the IT professionals and the high maturity of the IT community. Software Quality conferences are an integral part of the life of this community. This time the Conference thanks to alliance with the ELT Ukraine (Expert Level Testing) Conference will be held with the active assistance of the International Association of ISTQB. Mr. Yaron Tsubery (President of ISTQB) and other world-renowned experts in the field of software testing will take part in the Сonference. The previous, 10th Anniversary Conference was held in Moscow and attracted more than 550 professionals from 7 CIS and European countries. The organizers of the event include, traditionally, the SQALab Company along with the Ukrainian Software Quality Board (USQB).

The conference, as always, will cover a wide range of professional issues related to quality assurance, including the key ones:

  • Techniques and Tools of Software Testing;
  • Automation of Software Testing;
  • Preparation, Training and Management of Test Teams;
  • Quality Assurance Processes in the Company;
  • Test management and outsourcing;
  • Improving Testing Processes and Innovations.
The attendees will also have a possibility to participate in the official ISTQB exam preparation courses (before the Conference) and take the exam itself. For those who wish to test themselves, a free “mock” exam will be conducted. The Conference organizers invite speakers, partners and other stakeholders to cooperation. The program includes creative laboratories and other informal professional activities. For many experts and managers «Software Quality Assurance Days» is fine possibility to declare itself, and also to prepare high quality experts who will raise software quality and by that will strengthen competitive positions and create advantages. SQA Days is a fine platform of dialogue and share of experience for the people involved in sphere of software testing. Leading experts will be able to tell about the achievements, show how to use different testing tools, techniques and methodologies effectively. For the beginners it is a good chance to get new useful acquaintances in the professional environment.

The conference is devoted to the questions concerning testing and software quality assurance:

  • functional testing;
  • integration testing;
  • performance testing;
  • automation of testing and tools;
  • configuration testing;
  • usability testing;
  • security testing;
  • static methods of quality assurance;
  • introduction of testing processes at the enterprise;
  • management of software quality assurance processes;
  • management of testers and quality assurance engineers team;
  • testing outsourcing;
  • testing of system applications (not Web), games and mobile applications testing;
  • project team motivation and certification of software quality assurance experts.