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Reseach Market Visio IT offshore Ukraine ’2003

Reseach Market Visio IT offshore Ukraine ’2003

Market-Visio Company conducted a research of current status and trends of Ukrainian IT-services and products industry in September-November, 2003. The research has been conducted on demand of AVentures with an assistance of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and Expert Group including eSP-Consortium, Miratech, Softline, Softjourn, Tessart, Ukrainian Association of Software Developers, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative [...]

Ukraine and Success Criteria for the Software Exports Industry

Due to the success achieved by India in the software exports market, $8 billion for 2002 and an expected $10 billion for 2003 according to Sibabrata Das (2003), many countries are interested in grabbing a piece of the offshore outsourcing pie. According to the UkrainianAssociation of Software Developers (UASWD, 2002), Ukraine’s software exports market for [...]
US-Ukraine  IT  Cooperation Forum

US-Ukraine IT Cooperation Forum

For the first time more than 20 Ukrainian technologies that are ready for commercialization will be brought to the USA for presentations during the Road Show of Ukrainian innovative technologies.The road show will also feature the Ukrainian Technology VC Fund which will focus on pursuing the most attractive investment opportunities in the Ukrainian technology sector. [...]