Innovecs, Kyiv

Innovecs is an American business technology outsourcing company, headquartered in Ukraine. We’re building our reputation by creating a cutting-edge software products for our clients all over the world. We create advanced products and work on complex projects requiring highly qualified experts and non-standard engineering solutions.

This distinction helps us maintain a special product development atmosphere in our outsourcing company. It is just this Silicon Valley spirit that makes us so attractive for experienced engineers able to solve nontrivial tasks and ensures continuing development of their technical and domain skills.

We are proud by the fact that our customers rely on us in creating absolutely new and often revolutionary software products from scratch. The success of these projects is ensured by our “technological special force” – experienced architects, domain experts and gifted engineers.

Innovecs was set up in 2011 by a team of leaders with 20 years of experience in IT industry in the US, Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The company started more than 40 projects, including those with some renowned clients like Harvard, Flextronics, CallFire, Elementum and Ironsource, as well as young start-ups who obtained funding from the Silicon Valley. We have managed to sign up over 250 top-level engineers and turn Innovecs into a sustainable company with well-developed internal business processes and distinct corporate traditions.