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  • Binary Studio Academy PRO!

    Binary Studio Academy PRO!

    Here at Binary Studio we are constantly aiming to keep our tech culture on the highest level, therefore our developers often attend various conferences and we also used to host and organise conferences ourselves. Now we’ve started a brand new
  • Exciting Changes in GlobalLogic Management Team

    After last year’s acquisition of GlobalLogic by Apax Partners, GlobalLogic continues global restructuring including moving headquarters from McLean, Virginia to San Jose, California in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Leveraging the move to the Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic added experienced
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    • Why is it Necessary to Check Functioning of APIs During Software Testing?

      Why is it Necessary to Check Functioning of APIs During Software Testing?

      Any software testing company can confirm that software engineers widely utilize APIs for writing programs at present. API means application program interface; it is a set of ready procedures, functions and instruments. APIs facilitate programming and increase software features. Any
    • How to Be Good in Software Testing?

      How to Be Good in Software Testing?

      It is known that software development and testing are inherent parts of software development life cycle. These both activities are complex, require creative approaches, substantial knowledge and skills in IT sphere. It turns out that software testers are put in
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    • Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative offers the services of the potential IT outsourcing, software development partner/provider selection in Ukraine. We will select for you the most suitable local partner/provider that will meet all your requirements.