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    • Lviv Mobile Development Day

      Lviv Mobile Development Day

      On September 27th, 2014 Lviv Mobile Development Day 2014 will be held. The event will gather over 200 mobile developers from all over Ukraine. The main purpose of it- developing mobile market development in western Ukraine, to make it more
    • What are Peculiarities of a Program Load Testing?

      What are Peculiarities of a Program Load Testing?

      Mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing should include load testing in order to make sure that the program is ready for exploitation and can properly function under ordinary and above the ordinary loads. So, it is wise to
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    • Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Outsourcing Provider Selection

      Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative offers the services of the potential IT outsourcing, software development partner/provider selection in Ukraine. We will select for you the most suitable local partner/provider that will meet all your requirements.