Program-Ace Managers Acquire Scrum and Kanban Certification

Program-Ace is proud to announce that Igor Grachev, the COO (Chief Operation Officer) who is mainly involved in web development projects, and Iurii Talyzin, a Senior Project Manager who works with both web and gaming projects, were accredited with PSM I – Professional Scrum Master certification issued by Moreover, Iurii has also acquired two more certificates of Kanban proficiency, KMP Foundation I – Kanban System Design and KMP Foundation II – Kanban Management Professional.

“Having a certified Scrum and Kanban masters in our team is another acknowledgment of Program-Ace excellence. Because we are not only appreciated for our extensive technology expertise, but also for our management systems,”

– says Oleg Fonarov, CEO at Program-Ace.

“These worldwide recognitions make a valuable contribution to our reputation and will help us strengthen a fruitful cooperation with prominent market players,”

– says Igor Grachev.

Our experts have now joined the community of top-level competent, experienced, and licensed industry specialists. They successfully completed all program requirements, have shown extensive knowledge of Scrum techniques and Scrum implementation, demonstrated a fundamental level of Scrum mastery, and other compulsory milestones.

“I am extremely glad to be a part of a company that finds employee’s professional development very important,”

– adds Iurii Talyzin.

“I look forward to sharing my comprehensive expertise and knowledge to other team members.”

Source: Program-Ace