Ukrainian Mobile Network Operator Launches New Tariffs with Unlimited Internet

Kyivstar, the largest Ukrainian mobile communications operator, on Tuesday, October 10, presented the new tariffs for prepaid subscribers, including the tariff with the unlimited 3G Internet.

According to a press release of the operator, Kyivstar updated the tariffs both for prepaid subscribers and contract subscribers, while a week ago it was planned that the tariffs for contract subscribers will be launched a month later after the launch of the prepaid tariffs.

The company presented four tariffs for prepaid subscribers: Unlim Talks, Unlim Social Nets, Unlim Video and Maximum Unlim. The fee varies in the range from UAH 45 per month to UAH 155 per month.

According to the tariff archives on the company’s website, in 2016, the company offered 18 prepaid tariffs (including 12 regional ones). The fees varied in the range from UAH 35 to UAH 175 a month. The cheapest tariff Talks did not have the prepaid Internet traffic and the most expensive one the traffic was restricted with 6,000 megabytes.

The company presented five tariffs for contract subscribers: Unlim, Unlim Extra, Unlim Silver, Unlim Gold and Unlim Platinum in the range from UAH 95 to UAH 1,000 a month.

According to the archives, in 2016, contract subscribers could chose out of nine tariffs (including four regional ones) in the range from UAH 65 to UAH 900 a month. The cheapest tariff Talks the prepaid Internet traffic was 4,000 megabytes and in the most expensive one – 12,000 megabytes.

Kyivstar said that the specific of the most of new tariffs is the provision of SIM-pair. The company would provide a chance of using services in advance for new contract subscribers allowing payments for the services next month.

Earlier Kyivstar President Peter Chernyshov said that the Kyivstar’s unlimited Internet will not have a ban to use torrents and share one’s Internet connection with other phones.

“However, it will be more expensive, as no limits are imposed,”

                                                                                                       the Kyivstar president said.

Chernyshov also said that the company is not chasing clients, trying to provide cheaper services to them. On the contrary, its new tariffs aim at increasing the average revenue per user (ARPU) thanks to the provision of additional services. He said that Kyivstar manages to hold the subscribers’ base on the Ukrainian market with this approach.

The president of the company said that if APRU in hryvnias increases by 10% in a year, this will be a good result.

Kyivstar services around 26 million subscribers in Ukraine. Its shareholder is international group VEON (earlier VimpelCom Ltd.). The group’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange (New York).

Source: Interfax-Ukraine