Levi9 JS Meetup

Start: June 21, 2017
Address: Okhtyrskyi lane 7, building 3, Levi9 conference hall, 1st floor, Kyiv, Ukraine

Missed us? We continue!

June 21st Levi9 is waiting forward to meet you again!

19.00, our Kiev office — JS Meetup is held by our best developers!

The first topic to be discussed is presented by our leading JS Architect — Iurii Dadychyn:

“During the tech talk I’ll show you a number of common and a lot of synthetic use cases for the RX or RX.js with their implementation. Mastering those examples will let you fill comfortable in day to day life and work activities.”

The second topic:

“Angular: Lazy loading and ngrx/store”

In this tech talk, I’ll show you how to use “ngrx/store” in a multi-module Angular application that uses lazy loading. You’ll find what pitfalls you can expect and how to avoid them. Will be presented by our Senior Front-End Developer — Dmytro Yarmak.