Number of Cyber Incidents in Ukraine Reaches 1,000 a Month

The number of cyber incidents in Ukraine in 2018 fell compared with the previous year data and reaches 1,000 a month, although threats became more serious, Head of the CERT center of the State Cyber Protection and Cyber Threats Prevention Center Roman Boyarchuk has said.

“The number of simple cyber incidents, such as the attempt to find a password, is recorded hundreds of times a day, they are automatically recorded by equipment and as a specific incident, they are not fixed at all, only for the statistics. Serious cyber incidents per month reach a thousand throughout the country. These are attempts to hack the system, penetration,” he said on the sidelines of the forum “Cybersecurity: Protect Your Business” in Kyiv on June 19.

According to Boyarchuk, even in comparison with 2017 the level of cyber attacks has changed significantly: “Last year attacks were more low-level, but there were more of them, that is, the number of attacks fell, but they became more serious.”

At the same time, in his opinion, the desire of entrepreneurs to invest in the sphere of cybersecurity after the boom of interest in these technologies in July-September 2017 came to naught.

“However, what we are now witnessing is lull before the storm. We are preparing for new attacks from our northern aggressor. These attacks we have encountered are testing methods to further apply them in other countries. For example, in the field of information technology, regarding the dissemination of deliberately false news through the media and social networks, first these technologies were rolled in Ukraine, then applied in other countries. The same thing happens with cyber attacks,” Boyarchuk said.

Source: Kyiv Post