Big Data Meetup

Start: November 16, 2017
Venue: Chasopys EduSpace Address: Velyka Vasylkivska street, 30, Kyiv, Ukraine

Hey, Data geeks and lovers! That’s our time. Let’s come and participate in the Big Data Meetup!

We hope it will become a good tradition and we will have a lot of meetings and interesting activities.

Speech #1:

Maxim Tereschenko (BI/BigData Lead, Provectus)
Topic: Analytical Systems Evolution — From Excel to Big Data Platforms and Data Lakes.


For the last ten years, analytical systems have changed dramatically. From Excel and Data Warehouses, we came to Big Data platforms and Data Lakes. It is no longer fantasy to communicate with the analytical system by voice or to wander in 3D glasses among the visualizations of the data. In the scope of the speech, I want to follow this evolution, identify its main trends and fantasize about the future.

Speech #2:

Alexandr Saienko (Software Engineer at SoftServe/CISCO) 
Topic: Big Data & Data Science in Telecom.


We will talk about real cases of using Big Data and Data Science in Telecom: optimizing the cellular network, improving customer experience, detecting fraud etc.