Presentations of webinar “Outsourcing in CEE. Country Overview. Hungary”

Central and Eastern European Association hosted one more webinar from the series of webinars presenting IT outsourcing potential of the largest countries of Central and Eastern Europe – “Outsourcing to CEE. Country Overview. Bulgaria” on April, 7. The webinar was hosted by Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association – HOA. Please ask questions and follow up discussion in our LinkedIn Group “Outsourcing to CEE: CEEOA Activites”:  

Webinar presentation – Hungary. HOA. Laszlo Konya

Webinar Presentation. Hungary. Colling Kft.

Webinar presentation “Shared Services Centers in Hungary” – Hay Group

Webinar presentation. Hungary. Delta Services

The webinar presentations are available for download here:

Download webinar presentation – HOA Download webinar presentation – Delta Services Download webinar presentation – Hay Group Download webinar presentation – Colling