ELEKS Launches a UX Design Summer Internship

ELEKS’ UX office starts a course in user experience design to educate talented and highly motivated young professionals on how to create meaningful digital experiences 

July 10, 2017 – Lviv, Ukraine ELEKS announced its first summer UX internship, offering design enthusiasts an opportunity to gain a hands-on experience and practical knowledge from the company’s top experts. The two-month training was designed to meet the constantly growing demand for highly competent UX professionals on the market. 

Over the registration period, from June 1st to June 19th, ELEKS received 50 applications. The applicants, who successfully completed the test task, are going to start their studies on July 10th in the company’s office in Lviv. 

All the students will have an opportunity to gain the skills needed to start a career in the UX field. Each applicant will get personalised mentorship from an expert designer and the chance to work with a cross-functional collaborative team on real projects from the very first day of the internship. After the program is completed successfully, the best graduates will be offered to join the ELEKS UX team.

EELEKS plans to expand its range of educational programs to meet the fast changing tech trends and market needs. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date and in line with all the company’s educational initiatives: 

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Source: ELEKS