Apple Maps app now shows traffic jams on Ukraine’s roads

Cartographic service Apple Maps has begun to show traffic jams on Ukrainian roads.

Starting Aug. 5, Ukrainian users of Apple Maps can see traffic jams, road work, accidents and other circumstances that restrict usage of particular routes. Traffic jams are highlighted in orange or red, depending on the severity.

The application takes data from the TomTom Traffic service, a Dutch partner which entered Ukraine and other Eastern European countries at the end of June.

Apple has been cooperating with TomTom for a long time, and now the U.S. tech giant plugged in data collected by TomTom to its Apple Maps.

In its global network, TomTom Traffic collects fresh traffic information on the roads from “more than 500 million phones, cars and portable navigators,” blurbs the company’s website.

This information can be used by drivers to find the most optimal route and avoid congestion, but also by cities and road authorities to monitor, analyse and influence the traffic.

In Ukraine, this service will offer a substitution to Yandex.Maps that offered the same features and was widely used by Ukrainian drivers for many years. It was blocked as its developer Russian Yandex got into the list of companies that are under the sanctions measures in Ukraine in May.

Source: Kyivpost